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:iconsweer-tomato: tagged me with this and wow I am so late on responding.

also I'm far too braindead to come up with my own questions so I'm just gonna answer them mkay.

13 Facts about Me

1. I'm probably the most blasé person when it comes to these things, I don't even know if I even have 13 different interesting things to list here.

2. The "Babu" part of my username was actually a mutation of the word "Bubble" when I came up with it, only later realizing people also use it to mean "Baby" which also kinda fits because my character is baby blue colored.

3. I super love cute things so much that I want to taint everything cute forever by making it large and round.

4. I love video games, but mostly older retro games and Nintendo series.

5. I initially went to school for art and then animation but later dropped that since I realized I was easily burnt out from drawing lots of things over and over again. That's kinda what contributed to my current indefinite art hiatus - my creative drive's been pretty shot ever since then.

6. I love tabletop games and I even love to run RPG campaigns, but lately my creativity's fucked off to Africa and I can't into world-building at all so I usually just do prefabs.

7. I've wanted to design a video game but most of my ideas are super vague and/or too large in scale for me to feasibly manage and I have a hard time refining them down.

8. I always have the urge to insert myself into random circles of friends but when I do I always stay awkwardly quiet because I don't want to be "that guy." In retrospect this probably makes me seem like the creepy guy that never talks, so I guess I end up being "that guy" anyways.

9. I'm a blatant pervert and also form crushes really easily, which usually means I want to do it with people I really care about. If I regularly approach you asking to ERP with you, please don't think I just want to use you! I really honestly do care about you and want to make sure you feel loved! Please don't hate me </3

uhhh do I even have anything else I can put here fuck

11. When I was a little kid I liked large bellies and I would do things like stick balloons up my shirt. It didn't really become a fetish for me until years later when I discovered inflation stuff on deviantArt. I wasn't a "Willy Wonka" kid as many in the community are because spherical stuff doesn't really do it for me.

I actually really dislike the feeling of stuffing or inflating myself IRL. I think the sensation I actually like is just having a large, voluptuous/round body.

One of my favorite things to do in inflation/fetish RPs is to make an adventure out of it, like having to actually go places or do other things while being large.

These are the questions my tagger asks

1. Who is truly the bravest dude? (gender neutral)
That one guy. You know the one.

2. Which color would you like to fuck?
Blue, obviously.

3. How many apples do you think it would take for Abigail to not be hungry anymore?
There aren't enough apples on this planet for that.

4. If you could be an article of clothing on of my characters, which one would you be?
Panties :3c

5. How high do you like to be from the ground, or do how far below?
I actually kinda have a fear of heights so either first floor or basement please.

6. Can you pat your head and rub your stomach?
I can do it nine times!

7. Do you prefer the light, or do you favor shadows?
-Hisses at the sun and shuts curtains-

8. You are transformed into a waddler, and end up becoming Marsha's love slave, how do you respond?

9. How big does the bee have to be?
Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis big.

10. What's the worst video or game you've ever seen on the internet? (No AAA/Steam games)

I've seen far too many to narrow it down.

11. Click this link and tell me the superpower, and how you would use it?
"Photokinetic Combat" That doesn't sound... super useful, except for making illusions and such I guess.

12. Now explain how you would use that superpower to fend off a hungry Abigail?

13. Finally, explain how you would use that superpower to kidnap Princess Papillon?


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